KW450 Planetary Gearbox

Item No.: KW450
KW450 planetary gear reducer is applied to φ1200-φ2000mm mud-water balance or earth-pressure balance tube push bench. It is recommended to use a 22kw four-pole motor with the input end matching the motor's frame size Y180L.
KW type planetary reducer is a kind of driving power conversion device used in municipal engineering, urban construction and traffic
engineering. Its compact structure makes it suitable for use in small space. The pipe jacking machine has a large impact when it works, so
its carrying capacity is more than 20% higher than that of the ordinary planetary reducer.

Main Advantadges:
1. Super bearing capacity. The sun wheel and planet wheel in the box are carburized and hardened to obtain the surface with high hardness
and wear resistance. After the heat treatment, all the teeth are ground and shot peening is strong, which greatly improves the bearing capacity,
efficiency and life.
2. The external gear also adopts the carburizing and quenching process. After heat treatment, all the teeth are ground, and the drum and grinding
shape is modified to reduce the biased load.
3. The gearring adopts low carbon alloy steel, which is tempered and nitrided to improve its hardness, thus solving the problem of insufficient
contact strength of the gearring under heavy load.
4. The input adopts the design of direct motor connection to shorten the axial length.
5. The output adopts the internal spline design of German standard, which is simple to manufacture, convenient to install and has large output torque.
6. The most compact mounting hole design minimizes the radial dimension.
7. Maintenance-free design, gear modification, optional treatment, high-precision planetary frame, no running-in.
8. Mature solutions are directly used to avoid a long development time and save cost.
9. All series have been mass-produced, and spare parts are sufficient and delivered quickly.